Friday, April 24, 2009

I Can't Believe Some People

Haven't we learned the consequences of assumptions?!? Someone just walked into my office and after a bit of light chit-chat asked when I was "due." Seriously?!?!?!? I get that I'm still packing an extra 35 lbs. of residual baby weight around, but what the hell? I can't think of anything more tactful to describe my humiliation. I will be taking a lunch and walking (and possibly crying).

Reality Check

On my train ride into the City this morning, I was startled awake by two small girls appealing to our train car for money. They told us the shelters were full and they had no food and that their mother was a victim of domestic violence and was doing her best. Their mother stood behind them as they made this appeal while holding up a newsletter of sorts to sell for a $1. My first thought was "how could a mother let her children subject themselves to this?!" But, then I looked into the mother's eyes - mom to mom. It was as though she were talking to me when she said "Check the shelters for yourself if you like. They are full. Please, I'm begging you, I just want to put a little bit of food in my babies' bellies before they go to school and maybe find a place for us to sleep tonight." That broke my heart right there. I knew that if I had to, I'd do the same to take care of my family. With dirty looks and snears upon me, I gave her everything I had in my wallet (which was only $5). If she was lying about her situation, that is crappy, but if she wasn't then for $5 I just helped out someone far less fortunate than I.

Now that I'm a mother, I have an enormous amount of empathy for other mothers and children. I see my own kids in every little face I look into or every horrible story I hear, regardless of color or gender. I couldn't stop thinking about this mother or her girls for the rest of my ride; I may never stop thinking about them. This was a smack in the head this morning to remind me of just how lucky I am. Money is tight for most of us everywhere and I am thankful I have a job, a home and a healthy family. If this economic down turn teaches us anything, it is that we need to focus on what's really important and to stop complaining about what others might consider a luxury (a job). I can't wait to go home tonight and hug my kids and my husband. Happy Friday! Be thankful today!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Did What!?

My husband and I were laying in bed last night enduring the crazy hot spell we've had and for the first time in a long time had a chance to chat (whispering of course, because waking the kids is not an option). During this chat he told a story that I found to clearly distinguish the different approaches men and women take to a problem.

He really likes walking our daughter to school in the morning. Yesterday morning my daughter's nose was running and she had major boogers going on. When he realized this he was half way between home and school. Knowing he can't run home to get tissue (which is always in my purse), he starts looking for options. So, he turned to the baby to steal her burper or bib but there wasn't one. He starts looking for anything to deal with this--like leaves (?!?). My first thought as a mom is either "here's my sleeve" or "take the inside of my shirt." So when I asked if he did either of these his face turned to a look of disgust and said "Of course I didn't do that! That's disgusting." So what did he do? He took off his sock and used that. That's right, the one on his foot! Not only did he not see a problem with this, but he was proud he had conquered the morning challenge. He of course took the other one off too because he didn't want anyone to think he was wierd. I can only hope the removal of the other sock achieved this.

I was speechless. All I could do was laugh as I envisioned how the whole thing must have gone down. I definately would have made a different choice, but what can I say, he problem solved his way and I guess the result was the same: booger free. Here's giving prop's to dad's who at least try.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You get what you get and you don't get upset...

A little inspiration from "Pinkalicious" - one of my kids' favorite books.

It's always tough to get out of the door in the morning between the hugs and kisses of kids to the reminding your husband about one thing or another (or he you). You know it's gonna be a rough day when you realize the dry cleaned shirt you thought was clean is not....and you've already left the house.

As I was frantically driving to work, I smelled something a little funky, not terrible, just a little off - but familiar. I looked down around me and on my black shirt was a small (dime size) of baby spit-up tactfully hidden in a crease on the shirt. As a problem solver by nature (and necessity) I grab a towel on the passenger seat and a bottle of water in my console. I'm sure I can dab this clean at stop lights before the train station. Just when I thought I had it, I dumped the water down my shirt and all into the crotch of my pants. By the time I made it to the train station, I still smelled like baby spit-up, I was failing miserably at a wet t-shirt contest and I looked like I pee'd my pants. Needless to say, the rest of the day followed suit. Happy Tuesday people; here's to a better Wednesday!

Monday, April 20, 2009

You're Fired!

My friend's mom once said to me that "You'd rather have a child with spirit than a child that doesn't because you know that someday they'll be a strong adult." This has become my daughter's saving grace. Emma's five years old and one of the most "spirited" kids I've got. She's my first child, so she is blazing quite a trail for the other two following her.

At five, she is surprisingly sure of herself and definately knows who and what she likes; not to mention, she is brutally honest about both of these. Case in point: she fired our nanny. She was sure she wasn't being treated fairly and she voiced this. When she didn't convince the nanny of this, she spewed "YOU ARE FIRED." This happened in front of my son's preschool and in front of all the parents and teachers. Are you picturing the looks and hearing the gasps of the spectators? I know I did and I couldn't help but laugh. This was the first time she's ever had a public display like this and thankfully the nanny didn't budge. Once I rehired the nanny, we all got a good laugh out of it--not in front of Emma of course. That night we had a long talk about being respectful and about appropriate behavior.

While this "spirit" is tough on me (and clearly the nanny) right now, I can't help but be proud of the woman I think she's going to be someday. I love that she stands up for herself and others if they need it. She doesn't worry yet about what people think of her or how she may be viewed. She is genuinely happy and genuinely loves. If she keeps any or all of these qualities as a grown woman, I will have done my job as her mom--and a working mom at that!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Humiliation Pie: Serving It Up Here Daily

There is nothing quite like someone alerting you to the fact your boob is leaking in public. Yes, that's my day's dilemma. My assistant kindly and discreetly pointed out that my boob had leaked enough that there was a nice puddle on my shirt. Now if it were just her and I - no big deal, but it wasn't. I was right in the midst of having a conversation with someone when she started pointing to my leakage at which I tried to covertly cover my bust. Who knows if anyone really noticed, but it was yet another layer of OMG for the day.

Now some of you might think, "Hey, what's the big deal? This just goes with being a mom." And I say to you, "You're right," but I challenge you to prove that in the work force people will revere you the same as someone who doesn't leak. You can email your proof to: Until I receive this proof I reserve the right to grovel in my humiliation pie.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All is right in the world of me

Okay, now that I've gotten food and a cup of coffee in me I can end the whining session(as seen in the last post). There are plenty of people less fortunate than I--I get it. It doesn't change the fact that I'm time strapped and overwhelmed most days. I've always been an advocate of just knowing what a situation is so you can make a rational assessment (rational being the operative word). Once I get this under my belt, I'm able to move on. So, moving on...I'll run from work to T-ball and hug my kids when I see them. God willing, we'll have dinner. It doesn't make it an easy life, but it's still my life. Positivity, Positivity, Positivity (breath and repeat)....

And, I'm back...

Yes, it's been almost a month since the last post. Not because I haven't wanted to post, it's just that work took precedence above typing. No one ever tells you about the guilt you feel when you're a mom. People I work with always comment "I just don't know how you do it..." Whether it's running in heels, getting my reports done, dazzling a client, making a mid-week T-ball game or finding clean laundry to wear the answer is that I'm doing it, just not doing it well. I feel like I'm getting just enough done to stay above water--and some days I'm really lucky if this happens. I'm so tired of fighting the clock and feeling like I'm missing the only life I'm ever going to have.