Thursday, May 21, 2009

Battle of the Spanx

There was a time in my life that I thought I'd never wear Spanx. My first intro to the elastic dream suit came a few years back after my second child. I had lost a significant amount of baby weight, but I still had a funny "back-fat" outline in something I was wearing. I'm sure I ranted for a good twenty minutes before my husband and I left the house.

My husband catalogued this episode of mine and thought of it when he heard a few women in his office complaining about the same thing. He thought he had struck gold when he heard how they handled the problem. A few weeks later he very proudly presented the answer to all (he thought) I prayed for: SPANX. I was still in my twenties then and the thought of wearing a girdle was unimaginable. I was REALLY pissed off and was sure he was trying to tell me I was fat. I took them back to the store and spent the credit on shoes. In hindsight, I was kind of a bitch. I probably should've just said "thanks" and appreciated that he tried.

Fast forward to now....After this last baby, the time was just not there to exercise like I had done previously and my goal to fit into my pre-baby clothes by now just didn't happen. So what did I do? I choked down my pride, headed to Nordstrom and bought the pair of the GD Spanx I had fought so long and hard against. As I lay on the floor this morning trying to shove my lumpy, stretched out body into them, all I could hope for was that my husband didn't wake up and see me. The fight to get those suckers on was ugly and I didn't need his judgement. In the end I won the battle, but I look even more forward to the day the battle ends.


  1. ok, this one IS a tv episode. getting working. i'll help. seriously. start writing now. i know a guy....k?

  2. love your shelfari bookshelf :), i just add that widget on my blog.