Friday, May 29, 2009

What a Day!

What a fiasco this day has been - and it's not even over yet! Today was supposed to be an easy going, laid back day to tie up the week's loose ends. I've had anything but...

Apparently I had a meeting today that didn't make it on my calendar (which is probably my fault), but the worst part of it was that it was right at the time I need to pump. So, when everyone showed up in my conference room waiting for me, I had just begun pumping. Thankfully my assistant - who is a life saver discreetly called me to let me know everyone had arrived. My office is right next the conference room, so I'm pretty sure someone heard me yell "Sh*t, Sh*t, Sh*t." I only finished pumping one side then ran lopsided to the conference room hoping the other one didn't spring a leak. The shred of pride I have left is hanging on to the hope that no one heard my expletives because it was drowned out by the very distinct sound a pump motor makes - that hopefully only mom's know. humiliating.

To add to this day, I just received a call from the Nanny. My baby girl just pulled herself up to her feet for the very first time and I missed it. This blows. I don't even know how to say it nicer than that. Thank God it's Friday...Let the clock watching begin...

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