Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Best Part of the Morning

I leave pretty early in the morning so if any kids stumble downstairs before I leave it's a perk. I always enjoy giving them hugs and a kisses before heading out to work. I adore each of my kids for all sorts of similar and different reasons, so this next comment is not me playing favorites...

My favorite part of the morning is watching my sweet little baby open her eyes from a night of sleep. First she tosses and turns, then stretches - all the while her little eyes are squished shut. She even manages to squeeze in a smile before opening her pretty blue eyes. After she works out her kinks, then all four limbs stretch out simultaneously and her eyes open. I swear I hear a gospel version of Hallelujah playing in my head when the big event occurs (I am fully aware that this is silly). My husband and I stood over her this morning for what must have been 5 minutes watching and waiting for her eyes to meet ours. When her little peepers finally locked onto ours, she squealed with delight. And we did too. It's as though just waking up is her greatest and most important accomplishment; and she's always so happy.

Each mom loves her child more than any other child we see. Our kids are our favorite kids. Itty-Bitty, as we lovingly refer to her, is our third child and I am still in awe at the tiniest thing she may do. I am fully aware it's not nearly as exciting to you, but I know you have or will experience the "awe-affect" I speak of at some point. Some moms swear they just love kids in general. I don't share this sentiment. I love my kids and I really like your kids.

There is something to be learned from our little Itty-Bitty. Pure happiness. If we could manage a morsel of the joy in opening our eyes each day the way she does, we'd all be better people. Growing up happens too fast. I'm going to try and slow it down just a little today :-).

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  1. you really hit the nail on the head. this is what makes it all worth it....the moment you just described. that's the one thing. great post!