Friday, June 19, 2009

Little Black Handbag

As I was racing around my office this morning with my handbag, I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I stopped a moment to register what was interrupting my hurried state and realized it was my purse. My first thought, was "like I have time for this," but then I thought about an article I recently read about women and hypertension and I decided to stop. I don't need to start pushing daisies any sooner than I have to.

I slid my bag down to my hand and tried to do the weight guestimation test. Maybe a small child, but definately not a newborn? I had nothing. I walked across the office with my big bag to the copy room where there is a scale. The result: 8 1/2 lbs! What the hell is in my bag and do I really need it?!? I'm going to venture out and say I don't need 80% of the crap I've been housing in there. World hunger will not be solved if I carry this heavy bag. Between my 8 1/2 lb. bag, an 18 lb. baby and my large bustline, my back is gonna break!

Now it's no secret that many women, myself included, jam pack our handbags to prepare us for whatever life may throw our way. Lotion, lip gloss, powder, child immunization cards, benedryl, pens, wallets, checkbooks - the list goes on. Mom's who have experienced the diaper bag days and have moved on out of this phase are big offenders in handbag stuffing. It's like we just can't walk out the door without packing a small medicine cabinet and/or our last will and testament.

My weekend goal is to (make all the necessary appearances to birthday parties, cut and color my gray streaked hair and father's day celebrations) clean out my handbag. I'm sure it'll happen :-).

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Great Post!. I currently store an excessive amount of belongings in my bag also.So I know exactly what you mean :).

    I love your blogs name- 'Mommie and the City' its so catchy :)

    Have a Good weekend!

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  3. ps. I read your about me and was totally blown away. you are the ultimate Ymm!(young mom in motion). Juggling home ,kids and LIFE itself can be very Overwhelming , trust me I know:). we would love to do a Mommy Spolight on your blog if your interested.

    Thanks for your time -Ymm Karina