Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where's My Head?

My husband has often said that if my head wasn't attached to my body, I'd lose it. He was onto something. My daughter had a field trip today and since no one could take her I HAD to take a 1/2 day off work (I wasn't excited or anything). I was running, literally, from the school home to trade cars and swap clothes before heading to the office. As I was going over the Bay Bridge it dawned on me that I forgot to pump before I left the house, but I thought "I'm close enough to work, I'll pump when I get there." Or NOT since I forgot my breast pump today at home and of course, right next to the front door! It was too late. I couldn't go home without setting myself back an extra 2 hours. This is the first time I've not brought it to work; only the second time forgetting it about it ever. The things that get missed when we're rushed...

It is going to be the longest half day I've ever worked. Right now, my full ta-ta's are screaming at me to be relieved. Trust me when I say Kleenex and toilet paper don't cut it on stopping a leak - I have unfortunately proven this point.The person who created breast pads is my hero today. Thank goodness I had a set in my purse or I'd be in serious trouble.

Big breasts are overrated. Every time I look down I get a cheap porn show from my bursting bust line and crazy cleavage. This sucks. Maybe in another life this would be cool, but not in this life time. Ugh...back to work I go with the focus of a two year old...

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