Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Aftermath of the 4th

Whenever you don't see me posting regularly it's because something had to give and it's usually this. It's been a crazy week with work and the 4th of July holiday to plan for. Now that I've been home for an extra day and the kids' schedules have been all about fun for them, coming back to reality is a real kicker for all of us.

That first day back to the norm is always a real treat for everyone. My kids are whiny, the baby is needier and I feel even more tired than the Thursday before the holiday started. We tackled the County Fair, a parade, a BBQ and the watching of fire works. It was busy, but is was so goooood. My only goal for myself this past weekend was to get myself a new pair of flip-flops. My current stash of them can be described by year - none of which are 2009. Did this happen? Of course not - but, I did go to Costco, Target, the gas station and the pet store, so stuff at least got done. Oh, and did I mention we have new pets? We are the lucky owners of two brown gold fish, Lilly and Flippy. Don't even get me started on how we ended up with these.

My Monday back to work was plagued by procrastination. I never have time anymore to watch the news and with little kids running around, I don't know that I want them seeing some of the reports anyway. So, I drank a cup of (unfortunate decaf) coffee and read the SF Chronicle online and took my time to start the day. I slowly began going through all the different things that needed to be done and I began to feel more optimistic about this day.

In my new found state, I finally took a meeting with someone who has been persistent about getting our business. "Fine," I thought. I'll throw her a bone and maybe it'll work out, but I didn't have high hopes. "Laura,"we'll call her, was talking about her product from the moment she set foot in the office. I could hear her high pitched excited voice coming at me before I even saw her. She sat down in the seat across from my desk talking away and I went to swivel my chair to face her when the wheel on the chair caught the floor mat under my desk causing the chair to flip over sending me off the seat onto my ass and the chair back landing on my head. Laura finally sat there silent.

I'd like to say it was a blessing to get her to be quiet, but let's face it. There was no blessing in my office that day. I was so embarrassed. I picked myself off the floor, flipped my chair back over looked at Laura and said "I guess it's one of those days - wow me with your product." Thankfully we quickly moved on, but this was definitely one of the most humiliating things that have ever happened to me. Please, go forth and feel better about yourself. At least you are not me.

I eventually got work done, but it was a slow start. Note to self: take the Monday after a holiday off. No good can come from going in.

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  1. wow! i just laughed out loud at my desk. thank you for that....seriously.....