Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kid Goggles

Gone are the days of "Beer Goggles" to grant you a funny. These days I'm lucky enough to put on some "Kid Goggles" to keep things in perspective. Kids say the funniest things. We all know this and we've all been a victim of it. For any of you that remember, Bill Cosby made a great show out of it called "Kids say the Darndest Things" (man I wish I thought of that show first!). Here's my funny kid saying the darndest thing:

Kid: Mommy, why do you have gray hair?

Me: I don't know, because I just do. It happens to everyone.

Kid: Daddy doesn't have any. Why are you so old?

Me: Daddy has some and he's older than me. You just can't see his because his hair is blond and mine is brown.

Kid: I think it's because you're so old.

Me: I'm not that old.

Kid: How old were you when you got your first one?

Me: I was 21.

Kid: (wide eyed) Wow, that is young. How did that happen?!

Me: I'm not sure, it just did.

Kid: Long pause... Mommy, did you get run over by a car?

Me: Speechless.....No?

I burst into laughter after this. How could I be mad? I did look pretty bad that morning and I kind of felt like I'd been run over by a car. I'm taking this getting healthy thing seriously. I haven't really screwed up or given up in a week. As sad as it is, this is an accomplishment for me. I've been running again and I started back on the pushups. It wasn't pretty, I'm trying here.

Loving my family helps me to embrace my life for all that it is and all that it isn't. Sure, it's not perfect, but it is mine.

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