Friday, July 17, 2009

On the Lighter Side...

Yesterday was a little crazy, so today I thought I'd post something a little lighter.

We have rules in our house, just like everyone else does. No hitting, No screaming, No teasing - your typical household set. One of our rules is not to say mean words, like "stupid" or other possibly offensive language like "Oh, God" (for those who are offended by taking the Lord's name in vain). Nothing solicits a good head jerk from the frozen food section at the grocery like a little kid yelling, "Oh, My God." It just sounds wrong; however, "Oh, Gosh" is perfectly acceptable at our house.

Well, like most parents I break my own rules on occasion, but by accident. I dropped something yesterday and under my breath said, "Oh, God." If my kids hear nothing else in the world, they will for sure hear when I slip on the "God" or "stupid" rule. From another room across the house my daughter yelled "Mommy's making fun of God!!!!" Making fun of God? I don't know where she got it, but it was funny and I really needed the laugh. "Sorry" was all I could manage to are so funny. Have a great weekend!

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