Monday, August 10, 2009

Ahhh....the Beach

Now that everyone is relatively healthy, we decided to take advantage of the last weekend we have before school starts and head to Santa Cruz for the day. If we didn't get up there now, it would be another year before we did.

Santa Cruz and its surrounding areas are amazing. It's such a nice change to our regular every day pace. It's so different from both the busy city and the cookie cutter suburban life; it lets you just breathe...

Who doesn't love the beach on a nice warm day?! When I was little my parents used to take us up to Half Moon Bay and we would play "chicken" with the big waves that would crash to the shore. I remember it like it was yesterday...I watched my kids do the same thing with the same laughter and joy that I did as a kid. The kids didn't fight a lick while playing on the beach. They were buddies again working together to conquer the great ocean. It sounds so simple, but watching them frolic and play in the sand was probably one of the best things I've seen in a long time. I don't remember what my mom or dad did during the week, but I remember the beach. It reminds me that even if I'm not home with my kids everyday participating in their every move, I still get to be a big part of their lives. I can still mold them into good human beings.

I know it's ambitious, but some day I want to have a beach house (or shack). There something so pure and inviting about the beach. I'd venture to reach that it's actually therapeutic (think my insurance will go for it??)--I know I already feel better and I've got a week from hell ahead of me work wise.

For now, I'll take the one day at the beach to get me through this week.


  1. this makes me long for the beach house.....dang! i'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I'm with you on the dream for the beach shack, house, whatever! We are headed to Santa Cruz for a week in 31 days (but who's counting!) My kids are not in school yet, so we love to take advantage of the after-summer summer vacation!

    I used to visit Half Moon Bay as a driving teenager! Leave high school, head to the beach, listening to The Doobie Brothers on the way there. It was a fabulous time!