Monday, August 3, 2009

Never Say...

At any point in a day, never, ever say "Today cannot get any worse" because trust me, based on last week's experience it can and it will. I said it and boy was I sorry...

It's been upside down busy at work and frankly, I'm not really sure if I'm going to make all my deadlines. Thursday was the day that couldn't end fast enough, but the day you needed the most hours in. Our company sends out these surveys to get input on how happy our consumers are about the job we perform. If a bad survey comes in I immediately get this "red-flag" email to review it asap. Well, I got one of these and it was seriously the WORST survey responses I had ever come across my desk. It was so bad it was actually taken up the ladder to the CEO of the company! I made a few calls and contacted the sender and asked how we could be better. Long story short, the mean survey was not filled out by the person it was sent to, but some schmuck who thought he'd be funny and crucify us just for the sake of doing so. Thankfully, the survey was revised and resubmitted with glowing remarks. Schmuck I'm told will be fired if found.

I have a rat's nest of accounting issues to review and fix and while I don't think that this is part of my job, I've been appointed to do it (yea!). This survey catastrophe down, I ran out of the door headed to our corporate office for an accounting meeting with our CFO (which I still don't think I need to be part of, but whatever). In route, I'm talking on the phone with my office - still working mind you when I hear a loud POP sound and my car began to make a funny noise. My tire blew. I had never blown a tire and let me tell you it was not the day to do it. It was super hot out and I wasn't exactly in a desirable location, even on the freeway. I called into corporate and let them know I wouldn't make it. I called my husband who was 45 minutes away to come help me. I called the Nanny to say we'd be late. I found my baby was not feeling well and pulling her ears and I had two CHP officers drive by me without a blink of an eye.

I finally got home. The baby was not looking good, so I called the doctor and they said if I could get there in 20 minutes they'd see me. So, off I went. Thankfully there was no ear infections just severe teething pain...that day. The ugly flu came on the next night. My poor little baby never cries and that's all she's been doing now for three days. In light of the swine flu going around, I'm being extra careful. I'm hoping tomorrow things improve.

Friday was my little boy's 4th birthday. I just love him. I used to think I did not want any boys, but then I had him. I love my girls like crazy, but the sweetness of having a son is special. Like the other two monkeys I have, he too has grown too fast and too quick. We were supposed to head to Santa Cruz for a fun weekend of playing at the beach in lieu of a birthday party - his choice, but since the baby got sick, my husband got sick and my son starting getting sick we had to cancel. We promised to make it another weekend, but I'm not sure if we can actually squeeze it all in before school starts. Thank GOD I took last Friday off to celebrate by going to the Lawrence Hall of Science, so he wasn't terribly dissappointed. The kids loved it! The current exhibit is "Animal Grossology" and what kid doesn't like gross stuff about animals - like poo?

My fingers are crossed that this week goes better. I'm starting off already behind, so I've gone back to the tried and true list to just hit one thing at a time. There were too many balls up in the air last week and I think I just lost my focus. I'm hoping this week goes a little better.

Stay healthy!

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