Friday, October 16, 2009

Yea! It's Friday!

I'm so glad the week is coming to an end! My poor baby has been sick and my little boy has been having some breathing issues. The doctor thinks that he may be developing asthma, which is just not fair. He has FINALLY gotten past a lot of food allergies and now has to deal with this?! He's such a trooper and I can't help but love him - love all of them for that matter. My oldest is chugging along filling the shoes only an oldest sibling can. Trust me, I know this first hand as I am the oldest of 5. She's such a thoughtful little girl and I'm so proud of her. They are all growing up way too fast...

As most everyone knows, I've been struggling to lose the extra 40 lbs of baby weight I've been lugging around. My biggest challenge has been to try and stop the emotional eating. In my world, food is a mental wellness drug - which I have clearly OD'd on. I think if I can lose this weight and feel better about myself, maybe the weight of all the other things in my life, like wanting to (still) cry everyday I leave my kids will not feel so heavy. I have to find a way to stop being soooo sad about things I can't change right now. Lots of moms have to work. I get it, but it doesn't mean that I have to like it.

Here on the west coast, humidity is not something we are used to. Yesterday, following a previous two days of heavy rain, the air was hot, thick and sticky. I did NOT want to run, but I worked too hard to lose 2 lbs. last week. By the time we got homework done and all kids to bed, it was 9:00pm. I went out and ran hard for about 20 minutes, then hit the treadmill run/walking for an entire Grey's Anatomy episode, minus commercials. I don't have time to watch TV, much less TV with commercials. I am a huge fan of the DVR :-).

As a general rule, I only weigh myself one time per week and that is usually Sunday morning. I couldn't hold back this morning and ended up weighing myself and I am happy to report that I am down 1.6 lbs this week. I have until Sunday to lose a mere .4 lbs to meet my goal of 2 lbs a week. If I can stay solid for one whole month, I think I can actually do this thing.

Did I mention how HAPPY I am that it's Friday??? Have a great weekend everyone!

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