Thursday, January 15, 2009

About Me

Oh, where to start...

I am a 33 year old mom of three great kids. My daughter, E, who is 6; my son, J, who is 4, and our little Itty-Bitty baby girl who just turned 1. I also manage to squeeze in being a wife, although the success of this could be up for debate at times. I love being a mom. It's the most unexpected joy I have ever known in my life. Don't get me wrong, being a mom has its really tough days too where you question everything you've ever known, but overall I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Like a lot of families out there, our family was hit really hard with the downturn of the economy. We were forced to make some tough decisions about our life and a little over two years ago I went from being a wife and stay-at-home mom back into the workforce to help support our household. So now, I commute an 1+ hours from suburbia to the lovely city of San Francisco where I work. It's dark when I leave and dark when I get home. It's really been tough for me to wrap my head around the fact that everyday I go to work my kids are being raised by someone who is paid to do so.

I started this blog because when I came back from a very short maternity leave at the beginning of 2009 the ache in my heart over leaving a newborn was unbearable. My poor assistant would walk into my office and find a sobbing, tired, barely functional mess of a woman. I needed to find a way to deal with what I was going through without burdening those around me. This blog has given me a place to candidly vent about the struggles and mishaps of being a working mom against her will.

I've had a few questions about why I've chosen to go anonymous and why I don't show pictures of my kids or my family. The simple answer is because even though I don't want to work, I can't afford to lose my job. Plus, my poor kids don't need to be burdened with my struggles and at times, my pathetic inexcusable whining. I want my kids to be kids. There is plenty of time left in their lives for them to find their own burdens to bear without being weighted by mine.

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