Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How Much for that Little Doggie?

Nice shoes and handbags are my weakness. I love the pretty perfect lines of a finely made high heel - not a pump, but a HIGH heel. I think they make even the most questionable looking legs appear more attractive. Can I afford my champagne taste on my beer budget? Of course not - just like most of us.

Last week I played this game by allowing myself to buy these super expensive shoes that were even on sale, knowing the whole time I would return them. I just needed to get the "I want" out of my system. So, I bought them, I brought them home, walked on my carpet a few laps, put them in the box with the receipt and I was done. I can't actually believe it worked!

Two days later, I very easily returned the shoes. I still needed a new pair of work shoes, so I settled on a less expensive, but still attractive high heel. They are black patent leather with a metallic purple interior. They were divine in their own right. They were not the uber expensive quality of the pair I returned, but who are we kidding. Neither were the slacks I would've been pairing them with.

I only wear heels while I'm at work. Since I have parking in the city, it's quicker and cheaper for me to just drive instead of taking the train. Not to mention I get to sit quietly within my OWN space for an hour to think (if I so choose). I usually leave the house in a pair of Uggs or some sneakers since I cannot drive a stick shift with heels on.

I set my new pretty shoes by the door this morning so I wouldn't forget them, then went back to getting ready for work. The next thing I know, my husband is yelling "Uhhhh....Are these your new shoes?!" I ran out to see my little Itty-Bitty baby girl gnawing on my shoe like a viking with a turkey leg. My husband snatched it away from her and she quickly moved on to her next victim. Needless to say, my pretty new heals now have bite marks all over the back of the heel...who needs a dog when I have a baby, right??

It's a good thing I love her...

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