Monday, November 16, 2009

You Know It's Love When...

...You're husband helps you wrangle up your Spanx before you head to work. Yes, that's right. Spanx. Those things you swore you'd never need, the things you bought and then returned several times before deciding to keep them, those things that are so tight your brain feels restricted, those things - god forbid - you take down to go to the bathroom because you'll never get them up again?!?

It's totally embarrassing. The last thing you want your husband to help you with is this modern day girdle. Unfortunately, I fell asleep early last night and I didn't finish my laundry. I was out of things to wear today so I went with the quick, non-iron and cute wrap dress. These types of dresses are normally very forgiving, but even more so if you can actually squish your bits together for a clean body line. The problem with the Spanx is that while they are innovative, I sometimes cannot get them pulled all the way up in back which results in an awkward looking roll on your back...kinda like the "muffin top" affect, but on your back? I know, this is graphic and gross - welcome to my world.

Anyway, only a man who loves you would help you manipulate and pour your post baby self into this torture device. If he's judging me, he surely didn't show it. But if he's not (and I really hope he isn't), then I have found my Prince Charming.

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