Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 2 - No Wheat

Besides being swamped at my "real" job, I just haven't had the umph to write lately. I've been stuck in this cycle of self-loathing and frankly if I'm tired of hearing myself complain, so are you.

The good news is that my kids who went on a wicked brat bender seem to be mellowing out. They are still going at each other, but at least the back-talk to me has subsided (for now) - it's a good thing I love them...

I officially signed up for the See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon in June. To say I'm scared is putting it mild. I'm lucky to have at least one friend who has also committed to the plight and I think this will really make the difference.

For Christmas my husband got me a few training sessions. Great, right? It really is, except I struggle to find time to fit anything additional into my already tired and stretched life. I went up, then 18 flights of stairs today but sadly it's just not enough. I'm going to try and walk 1/2 an hour on my lunch at least 3 days a week, then add running in on the weekend.

I lost a significant amount of weight 3 years ago after my second child. A good part of that was because my diet was stripped down so much to accommodate a child with allergies. The other part was actually not being stationary at a desk allllllll day long. The hardest food to cut was all wheat products. I LOVE bread, so you can imagine how tough this was. The biggest thing I noticed by doing this was 1.) I really did have the will power to modify my diet and 2.) wheat products really didn't make me feel that good. When I stopped eating wheat, I felt better (aside from the fact I was jonesing for a gluten fix at least 3x a day). I'm on day 2 of no wheat and I'm hoping for the best

I'll try and have lighter posts again. My kids still do funny things I want to remember, so I'll be documenting those hopefully sooner than later.

Thanks for hanging in there with me...

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