Monday, February 8, 2010

Food For Thought...

I've been doing pretty good without the wheat, which is completely surprising to me. I'm also not a complete psycho about it and I think this helps. I made some pumpkin bread for my little guy this weekend, so I tasted it for quality assurance purposes and that was the end of it. I don't know if it's just wishful thinking or not, but cutting the wheat seems to actually make me feel a little more balanced - as weird as that sounds.

My eldest daughter went to a fun birthday party this weekend that had a really creative theme to it. Most 6-7 year old girl parties revolve around pink and princess. This party was a "science" party with a scientist who showed the kids different "experiments." This party is all she talked about all weekend. The birthday girl's mom is great. She's a stay-at-home mom, but maybe one of the busiest I know. If she can pull this party off, the rest of us can too if we so choose - choose being the operative word here.

Right before I dropped E off to her party, I dumped an entire blender full of banana strawberry smoothie down the front of me, my cabinets, floor, counters and rug. I had to be out the door, so I tried to confine the mess and change my clothes until I could get back home. Desperate, I quickly threw on an old sweatshirt and pants and ran out the door. I knew this mom, so I wasn't too worried about her judging me....I didn't even think about the small percentage of mom's who would though--not like I usually care anyway.

There is always one swanky mom out there who if you wanted to feel like crap about yourself, you'd seek her out. Well that mom was dropping off at the party this weekend too. "Swanky Mom" and I pass each other on occasion at school or during the summer at the pool. She always seems pleasant enough, but I've never found her to be very friendly. There are just some people you click with and some you don't which is normal and no big deal.

When you have a drop off party you never really go in, dump your kid and run. There's always usually a bit of pleasant small chat while you check out the safety of the home you're about entrust your child in before you really make it out. As I was leaving, wishing the birthday mom luck, Swanky Mom was chatting with a few moms about her new trainer and her super low body fat percentage (gag), when I heard "If you have money, there's no reason you can't be healthy and fit..." Seriously?!? Did she just say that?! When I looked back (in all my frumpy glory) I saw she didn't even realize what she said. She didn't realize that her comment was incredibly condescending and presumptuous. For the record, it's not about money - my good friend Oprah is an excellent example of this point.

The best thing about being fat before you're skinny is that you don't think like this. You know how hard it is to "maintain" and how many variables besides food and exercise contribute to being healthy. I don't just want to be skinny just to wear a bikini (though truthfully, I guess I could force myself to live with it). I want to be healthy, capable and strong so that I stay alive as long as possible so that I can see my children grow up to have their own families. Maybe I'm being petty and sensitive, but for the sake of my girls - and even my little boy, I would hope more than just money shapes a healthy life.

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