Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Questions of the Day

Is there a way to be thankful for being alive AND unhappy about where we're at in life without being ungrateful and whiny human beings?

I think about my kids all the time and I wonder what kind of world they are growing up and into. I wonder if we're preparing them for rich and fulfilled lives; for good lives. You hear a lot people (myself included) saying "I just want to be happy." I'm not sure as a society we even really know what that means. Do we talk ourselves into buying onto what we think happy should be? To Be Happy...

I am NO expert on this subject, but I think happiness is defined by each of us for ourselves. My happiness is not your happiness and vice versa. I think most of us have an idea of what happy is, but how do we get there?

I spend an awful lot of time spewing about what makes me unhappy, which then makes me feel ungrateful, resulting in an even unhappier person. I keep hoping that if I just purge all the unhappy thoughts then only happy, thankful, grateful thoughts will remain. It's obviously working very well, right?

I was wrong about what I thought would make me happy. I always thought it would be a thriving career and lots of money, but now I know that it's just being a good mom (good being the operative word there.) I just don't know how to get there. I recently read a study that 76% of all households require that both parents work. How do I become part of the 24%? I play the lotto for crying out loud!

The harder question I struggle with is how do I teach my children how to find what makes them truly happy? My daughter's latest fascination is something called a DS - which from what I can gather is nothing more than a glorified Game Boy. She is 6 years old. She doesn't need this, but in her mind this is something she thinks will make her happy. I mean the other kids whose parents were nice enough to buy these look pretty happy playing with their super expensive glorified Game Boys. Are we teaching our kids to define happiness with things?

How can I teach my kids that happiness is achievable if I can't even figure out how to get there myself?

Enough questions for one day...

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