Friday, July 2, 2010

Lucky Girl

Commuter traffic is mentally taxing. You can only think positively for so long before the annoyance of being stuck in a small box moving at a snail's pace pushes you over. I firmly believe that the 2+ hours a day I spend in the car getting to and from my job is better spent several hours of random infomercials.

Mondays are always the hardest day of the week for me. It is the furthest day from the end of the work week and Friday can never come quick enough. This past Monday was no different, except I was in the middle of my typical drive home during rush hour traffic when a car spun out of control near me causing the car in front of me to plow into the divider wall and me to plow into that mini van. I shut my eyes before the impact, told my self not to brace myself (then braced myself), then opened my eyes to dash lights, warning alarms, and windshield wipers going crazy. My small little VW Rabbit - or Bunny as our family refers to it plowed into the mini van like the bully on the block.

As I sat there in my car, shaking and stunned in the middle of the freeway I looked around at the mess. My first thought was "Thank goodness I'm alive and my kids were not with me," followed by "Life is too short to diet," followed by "I need to call my husband." I sat there for what felt like a really long time before the CHP officers showed up to take reports. By the time my family came to pick me up and get me home, it was dark and everyone was tired. The rest of that night is a blur...

I received the call from the insurance company late yesterday that my Bunny is being "totalled." My little car did its job and kept me alive and for this I am thankful. I confess that for the last few days I have driven home very anxious. As I pass the crash site everyday it is a reminder of what happened and how thankful I was to not be chit-chatting on the phone when the mess went down.

This experience has reaffirmed how important this one life we live is. I get one shot to get it right: to be a good wife, a good mother, a good person and to find happiness. I may not be able to quit work anytime soon, but I can try to make changes that ensure a happier, more fulfilled life. I do not want a life of regret and deprivation.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July everyone!

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