Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm miraculously submitted my first draft of the 2011 budget late yesterday - yea!!! The ball is now in someone else's court, even if it's just for a day or two.

Friday night I got a call from our corporate office to let me know the "big" bosses and the "big-big" bosses from Hong Kong were flying in and expected to tour our facility. When this happens, everyone company wide goes into absolute freak-out mode. We end up calling each other several times a day to see where the "tour" is at so that we can anticipate our own visit. We also try and get any quick feedback about what went well and what didn't so we can make any necessary and quick adjustments. This whole fiasco goes as far as making sure our refrigerators are stocked with the appropriate soda for the visit - one time I actually called the soda manufacturer to find out where we could find it in the city. The work-up to actually getting the tour to your location is so mentally taxing that once they leave your brain is complete mush. I am REALLY looking forward moving on...

OH - here was my favorite comment I was prepped with before the visit. "Make sure you dress appropriately." SERIOUSLY?! At first I blew it off, but then spent the weekend worried about it. What does "dress appropriately" mean?!? I don't do "business casual" I always go "business." In a thinner body state, I'd have worn a suit, but newsflash: they don't fit and I'm not buying more! If I buy more suits, this will officially be a career choice for me.

I was left to ponder dumb questions like:

Is there discussion that I'm NOT dressed appropriately every day? Do I lack in accessories? Are my standard black or gray slacks too boring? My shirts too loud? Not loud enough? My hair too sloppy? Should I pull my hair back?

It went way farther than the above, but why break your brain too. It is crazy how this is 2010 and yet I feel like I should be fetching coffee and stroking egos. It is official. I don't just feel like a glorified secretary, I am a glorified secretary.

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