Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Already?

Don't worry.  The picture above was taken while I was at a dead-stop in my mess of commute this morning.  It looks like we're crammed so much tighter from the dash view than it looks in the pic!  Clearly this must be a good sign that the economy is picking up, right?  Today was ONLY an hour and half drive...please, hold back your envy! 

We had SUCH a fun weekend, no commute could ruin this Monday!  My kids are so lucky to be them.  Not all of our extended family can always make their soccer games, but this weekend just about everyone did - which I appreciate since soccer isn't exactly the most easy watched sport sometimes. When both kids scored goals at their games, our sideline erupted with cheers - mostly from our family.  You would have seriously thought we just won the World Cup.  My daughter screamed in excitement and my son dawned a proud smile before covering his face in embarrassment from all the attention. In some respects, I think we kind of did win the World Cup.

Right after soccer, we went home and cleaned everyone up just in time to head out the door to the Jonas Brothers in concert.  Yes.  I said Jonas Brothers.  The rule in our house is no shows like Camp Rock, Hannah Montana, iCarly, Sonny with a Chance, Suite Life on Deck--you get the picture.  The subject content is still beyond them and I don't need my 7 year old thinking like a teenager.  But, we do let them listen to the music on the shows as long as we've previewed and approved it first. 

I'm not gonna lie, my husband and I had low expectations and were even a little embarrassed to be going to the concert...until we got there.  I have to say, I've never seen so many moms dressed in support of the Jo Bro's in my life.  I applaud their support for their kids' good time (if that's what it was), but also relished in the absurdity of the soccer mom wearing a puff painted t-shirt that read "Mother of the Biggest Jonas Brothers Fan."  But hey, we all have our own thresholds.  Mine did not include a band t-shirt.

Randomly in the 19,000 who attended, we ended up spotting another family we knew through sports and our kids totally bonded.   The dads boosted kids up on their shoulders and didn't complain once that their ear drums were most likely fatigued from the screams.  The girls linked themselves together via glow stick chain and sang and squealed with delight as Demi Lovato, then the Jo Bro's lit up the stage.  The girls were going strong, but the boys eventually tuckered out and went to sleep on the blanket on the lawn. 

In the midst of screaming adolescents and glow sticks galore (the new lighters of today), something great happened.  I actually fell in love with my kids and husband all over again. There was no reprimanding, no need to yell, fight or battle.  Everyone was the best of themselves, which doesn't happen very often.  It's so nice to remember why we not only love each other, but why we like each other. 

This was our kids' first concert and I can't imagine it being more fun than it was.  What began as a dreaded experience for us as parents ended up being unimaginably fantastic for all of us.  I don't know about you, but I remember the New Kids On the Block concert I went to like yesterday.  It was one of the first exciting experiences of my life.  One day, they will sit with their own kids at a lame teeny bopper concert and remember their experience at Jonas Brothers concert.  I hope they remember it as fondly as we do! 

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