Friday, September 24, 2010

Soccer Talk

This is what happened at my son’s soccer practice last night (that I was not at, unfortunately)and amidst all the soccer moms:

Big Girl:  ”Nanny, can I have a dollar?”
Nanny:  “I don’t have a dollar.”
Big Girl:  “Yes you do.  My dad pays you $200 a day.”
Nanny:  “No….”
Big Girl “Uh huh.  You get paid like a $1,000.”
Nanny: “I don’t think so.”
Big Girl:  “I have an idea.”
Nanny:  “Yeah?”
Big Girl:  “Why don’t you give my mom your $1,000.  She only makes $25 a day.”

The soccer moms and the Nanny all started laughing.  Yep.  My daughter thinks I’m poor and needs the Nanny to kick down some money to support me.  Awesome...  Where do they get these ideas?  If any of that was true, I need to quit my job ASAP.  Needless to say, we had the talk last night about things that are not our kids’ or anyone else's business – like how much the Nanny makes J.

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