Monday, October 4, 2010


At the end of my last post, I felt lucky to be me.  I felt all warm and fuzzy about how great my kids have been to each other and I was sure that if there was a God he was playing a part in their new found respect for each other.  Well, JINX!   My kids were TERRIBLE to one another this past weekend! My Big Girl has become a Know-It-All and a sassy one at that.  My Little Man who is usually the calmer of the bunch was just an emotional mess of crying and tantrums.  And, my sweet Baby, has taken to shaking one finger at me and saying "No, No, No" then laughing.   At one point this weekend my Little Man was so upset and at a loss for words that he actually hit me...really hard! I know things are gonna go bad when he starts being sassy and mean with the baby - who he adores.   My poor girl who is as happy as can be and doesn't deserve a lick of meanness from either of the other two.

I had so much more work to do on my kids this weekend...and then I leave, entrust them to someone else and go back to work.  Yeah, I know this work thing takes care of my family and provides for them and that's a priority, but it doesn't mean I have to like it or that I am ungrateful for it.  It's just not what I want - IT'S NOT, IT'S NOT, IT'S NOT...sorry, I channeled my 5 year old from this weekend.  Okay then.  Moving on.

As I sat in traffic this morning and had already been honked at and fist pumped by a bitchy woman in her big Lexus,  I began the "grass is greener" fantasy which seems to showing up more and more frequently.  I day dream of a nice house we can afford in quiet little town with nice people, stellar school systems, manicured lawns, fields to run in and far away from the bustle of the city.  I've been applying for new jobs that will hopefully allow me the financial ability to pay off all of our debt sooner, so if we wanted to try for the greener grass we could.  I just hope that a new job with more pay does not solidify my place in the workforce forever...which it totally could.  My husband has never aspired to be a stay at home dad, but something tells me he wouldn't fight too hard to avoid it.  I guess we'll cross that bridge if we ever come to it...

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