Thursday, November 4, 2010

Go Giants!

It has been an exciting week for our family.  The Giants won the World Series and the parade that followed was nothing short of spectacular.  The crowds alone were insane.  The City of San Francisco estimated that 1,000,000 people would be downtown to watch the festivities and end the "torture" as so many have referred to it.  Orange, black and white confetti dropped from windows and rooftops all along the parade trail.  My kids were lucky enough to shimmy themselves up right onto the barricade to get the best views possible.  My son's smile and my daughter's excitement to see their favorite players was priceless. 

I've been a bad blogger lately.  I think of things to write about all day, but then work and life get in the way and I never get my fingers on the keys (at least to type what I want to).  My job hunt has been slow moving.  My current employment hasn't been terrible lately, but I need a change of scenery.  I am done here and a new start might help my unexpectedly prolonged career.

I've thrown a half dozen resumes out there and I've got nothing so far.  A handful of those resumes have been for jobs I'm completely overqualified for, but I figured what the hell.  I mean why shouldn't I be considered for job I'm totally overqualified for, right?!  Wrong.  Truthfully, I'm only applying for these lighter jobs so that should they offer them to me I can turn them down.  I know.  It's sick.  I think the human resources departments know it too.  But hey, it's all about FEELING like I have options regardless of whether I do or not. 

I'm usually pretty skeptical and a firm believer in hard proof - which is one of my struggles with the whole religion/faith thing - but that's another story for another day.  So, when my mom told me she was going to see a psychic a week or so ago I threw in "Ask her if I'm winning the lottery!"  I was for the most part joking, so once I said it I simply put it out of mind and moved on.  No big deal. 

My mom went and saw the lady alright, but what she came back with is still on my mind.  I won't delve into what she said about my siblings (which besides the lesbian comment I think were pretty accurate about all of us).  The psychic told her I wasn't winning the lottery and that I had AT LEAST another 3 hard years of work.  I should have just laughed this off as "fun" and moved on, but I've been stuck on it.  My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I told him and said "Are you seriously going to cry about what some psychic said?"  "Yeah" I said.  "I think I might."  Another 3 freakin' years of this crap?!  And, it's the AT LEAST part that is really rough.  I just need a "hang on until" date; a light at the end of the tunnel date - which I think I just got from the random psychic.  At least another 1,095 days of this crap...awesome.   

To play out my consolation prize therapy, at least I have a job, right?  Ask me in 3 years! :-)

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