Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tough Times, Tough Lessons

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I've let all my entire staff go because frankly, why should we all be stuck here.  The phone finally has stopped ringing but the down pour of email has not stopped from one particular jerk who clearly missed the holiday spirit notice.  As I sit her waiting for the additional abuse via email, I've bought myself five minutes to catch up on my posts.

I am a bad blogger.  My brain has been mush.  Unfortunately (and very fortunately in many ways) I have this full time job that keeps getting in the way of my life :-).  Work has been so busy lately I've been getting in the car at the end of the day only to welcome the peace and quiet of a slow commute.  Usually, the long drive allows me to catch up on phone calls with my family or friends, but lately, I just haven't been able to dial anyone.  I am zapped and I have been stressed both professionally and personally.

We planned a family vacation to Disneyland months ago and have paid for it, but in hind sight this may not have been the most financially responsible move.  Work for my husband has been slow, but that has not stopped life and bills from moving forward as if it were not. The trip is booked and paid for and we're going, but Christmas will be light this year.  I keep trying to think back to previous years and historically I think this time of year has always been slow, but historically speaking, the economy hasn't consistently stayed this stagnant either. It feels like the "two steps forward, one step back" theory is in effect here.  It felt for a while there that we might almost be out of the woods; that we may almost be in the black.  But, I guess this is how life goes. 

I had only planned on working for 3 years and stupidly told my daughter 3 years ago to "just give me 3 years" to get me back home or at least close to home.  It's funny how little kids remember the most fleeting conversations and the smallest details - of everything.  My Big Kid got upset at me last week and yelled "You're a liar!  You said you'd only work for 3 years and now it's been 10!"  It clearly hasn't been ten, but I was shocked that she remembered the conversation we had such a long time ago.  I had said it at the time to buy a chunk of time almost equivalent to her then lifetime.  All I could do was apologize....what else was there to say besides "I'm sorry and I'm working on it."  Lesson learned.  No promises to my kids I may not be able to keep - no matter how little they are.

On a more positive note, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Go hug your loved ones and be thankful!

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