Friday, January 21, 2011

Pretty Things

For the record, mom's deserve pretty pampering just as much as anyone else out there, but for some reason we are the first to sacrifice these things for our families, for our checkbooks, for whatever.  My friend joked that the only way her "...bra and underwear match these days is if they are both solid white."  Yeah, we got a good laugh out of that...because it's true. 

Today for the first time in YEARS - yes, it's sad, YEARS - I bought a matching bra and underwear - or "panties" as I called them in my pre-Mommy days when they were true delicates.  It has a simple, yet pretty pattern and the panties are well... pretty for lack of a more deep descriptive.  I know you don't need a play-by-play on the details of my unmentionables, but I was am SO excited.  I had forgotten how it felt to wear pretty versus functional undergarments - even though no one sees them. 

To ice the cake, everything was on sale!  A gift card (thanks to my husband) and a guilt free shopping spree (not technically a spree, but it was for me) later and I've had a great day.  Did I mention it's also FRIDAY?!?  Another 15 minutes of procrastinating at my desk and I'm outta here...

Have a great weekend everyone!  Go hug your kids...or your pets...or anyone else you might love!

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