Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Sickies

Last week - a great week - ended with a batch of sick kids and now a sick husband.  The funny thing is that I'm not even miffed about it.  I feel like that much good in one week was bound to have to get sideways; the universe had to realign itself and spread the good out amongst everyone.

Heading to work at the break of dawn is already tough (even though it's getting better), but when my kids are sick is when it is the most difficult for me to leave.  My kids are well taken care of but when they are sick sometimes all they want is for "Mommy" to hold them.  My poor big girl woke up in the middle of the night with the worst bloody nose I have ever seen.  It was like a faucet and the amount was scaring her.  After about 30 minutes of gushing, it started to scare me.  I mean how much blood can someone so tiny even have?!  At one point I'm holding the pile of toilet paper on her nose and Googling Baby Center to try and find pointers to help.  Head leaning forward and a cool washcloth later the bleeding stopped and she was fast asleep - thank you Baby Center!

Sometimes in these tired moments with your kids something gets said or a thought pops into your head that you just can't shake.  The bloody nose was a minor issue, but scary for her nonetheless.  At one point her poor little tired eyes looked up at me and asked - very seriously "Mommy, am I dying?"  It sounds stupid, but that question broke my heart.  Not because I thought it was happening or that it would, but because she felt like this  question was warranted.  Thank goodness my answer was an easy "No" but it made me empathize with anyone who has ever had to say "Yes" to their child.  I hope I never have to walk a day in those shoes...

We all survived that night, albeit ridiculously sleep deprived and everyone seems to be on the mend.  I miss them every day and almost every moment I am sitting at my desk, phone glued to my ear.  That small question my daughter asked has stuck with me the last few days. It puts things back in perspective - which we all need sometimes.  My situation is not ideal and I never look forward to work, but I know my kids are home safe, waiting for hugs and kisses when I walk in the door every night.  For some, this IS like winning the lottery.

Have a good week everyone!

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