Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hello rain...again...We've had beautiful weather here in Northern California up until about a day ago and last weekend was no exception.  Sundays for me generally consist of buckling down and preparing for the next week by cleaning, laundering, homework...but not this week.  This week is Spring Break at our house.  Sure, I still have to go to work, but I don't have to think about school stuff.

To celebrate the good spring weather, the kids and I went hiking while my husband was out on errands.  They were thrilled!  They saw a falcon (I think), a baby rattle snake (not awesome) and felt like they were kings looking down upon the land as all the tiny cars went by below.  They spotted windmills on faraway hills and pointed out structures they recognized all over the city.  The fresh air had us all happy. 

When we made it to the top (of where we were going to hike, not the actual top), my baby girl looked at me and yelled "POTTY"  "I need to go POTTY."  As expected, there were no toilets.  I quickly looked around and we slipped a little off the trail to deal with the situation. The other two had found two comfy rocks to sit on and went to town on their lunch and conversation about dirt and snakes.  "Okay, lets cop-a-squat, baby." Ten seconds later and under-pants dry,  we joined the others and were back on our way.  Crisis averted.

Later that afternoon the neighborhood kids had gathered to play in the front yard with our kids.  I walked inside the house for a quick minute to grab something and when I returned I found my baby girl copping-a-squat, peeing on our cement walk way....nice.  It was kinda funny.  She didn't pee on her pants, so this was an accomplishment for her.  Good job, Baby Girl!

A few nights later we had dinner at a friends house and the kids were all out back playing.  Some of the older kids were in the hot tub, so the dads headed out back to watch while the moms cleaned up the kitchen.  Pretty soon, my husband passed us with our baby girl thrown over his arm.  "You have to fix this" my husband said as he raced by.  "Fix what?"  One of the little boys had to go potty so he jumped out of the hot tub and went on some rocks in the yard.  Our intuitive little girl walked over to the same rocks, pulled her pants down and peed right along side the little boy - this time not as successful in keeping her underpants dry.

The challenge of being a squatter and not a stander is one I understand very well.  Yeah, it's probably wrong on a couple different levels for her to be randomly copping-a-squat, but with the tough week I had before, it was kind of nice to just laugh...

Today is my Friday, so have a weekend filled with laughter everyone!

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