Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Derby Update


Betcha wanna know how Derby went....Well, it was GREAT.  I'd be lying if I didn't say the hard tumbles and the rigorous coach didn't scare me, but these women were AMAZING.  As required, I sat through one practice and couldn't stay away...I joined the team two days later and did a half practice last week - mostly as a relief to the stress of my Matron of Honor duties for my sister's wedding - which has since concluded (HALLA-FREAKIN-LULLAH). Congrat's little sister!

Last night I rolled out onto the outdoor concrete rink for my first all-in, two hour practice.  I showed up in full derby attire:  a running skirt, teal tights and teal argyle knee high socks, full pads (everywhere) and of course the helmet.  I made the mistake of only wearing ankle socks last week and the cuts in my ankles from my skates are not healing as quickly as I'd like.  The best part is that when I came down the stair last night, my husband looked over and said "You're not going to the grocery store like that are you?" Uhhh-NO.

I've skated more in the last week than in the last 15 years of my life.  I finally took some good tumbles last night - which I needed to get out of my system in order to stop being afraid of it.  While my rear is hurting, I thought it would honestly hurt more.  The weather was just right; warm with a nice, cool, summer breeze. 

I am a worrier by nature - which I blame on my birth order (I'm the oldest).  When I found my stride skating around the track, it's like my head just calmed for a few minutes.  I didn't worry about my usual vicious cycle of thoughts consisting of my crazy work life and my greatest fear of never escaping my job, resulting in my being a shitty mom and a space cadet blur of a wife.  I felt like for a few minutes I would survive, like I was okay.  I found piece for the first time in a long time on the track last night. 

The best part about this team is that these women are from outside my normal circle.  I would not seek most of these women out as friends, though there is an easy camaraderie amongst us.  These women are not part of my work life and not part of the PTA crowd associated with my kids' school.  Not that these are bad, but it was refreshing to just "be" without any label - self induced or not.

This hadn't played into the decision to join, but I recognize the benefits of  this now.  No one on the track cares what I do for a living or how much my husband makes or where I live or what schools my kids go to or what sports my kids play or what college they plan on attending or where I vacation - you get the gist.  These are just women who show up to skate in order to achieve their own personal goals.  And so far, this works just fine with me.

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  1. i'm such a sissy. i'm freaking crying over this post. i'm so happy for you to get out of your comfort zone and in the process find some unexpected blessings. super cool. can't wait for more on the derby.