Friday, June 15, 2012

This might be one of the worst weeks ever…

1.  Last Friday I had to make the tough decision to step away from my derby team for right now.  There were a number of reasons I had to do this, but the main reason is that after working hard to make roster for a year, I was told I wouldn’t.  You are only permitted to miss 2 practices a month (practice is 3x week) for the 2 months prior to the beginning of the season.  This happens to be baseball and softball season and my practices fall on my kids' game nights.


Last week I did my first scrimmage and it was AMAZING.  I loved every moment of skating  and hitting and pushing and sweating and hurting…and then I went to bed that night and the weight of knowing I would not roster was too much for me to bear.  Now, I’ve played sports for a better part of my life and I understand rules are rules.  But, in this case I knew I could never take more time from my family than I already was AND my team was going to “borrow” players from other teams when they had a good pool of women who were capable and giving everything they had.  I've always told my kids, "Just always do your best and it will always be enough."  That wasn't going to be true in my sport and I couldn't continue knowing that.  I felt like the girlfriend whose boyfriend was NEVER going to marry her...I am still so sad.

2.  Yesterday, one of the worst traffic dissasters ever with BART train shutting down lines into SF due to a fire, a Giants game and the US Open in town, I got in a car accident on during 2 1/2 commute.  A car cut me off and I swerved into another car.  Totally my fault for hitting the other car, but absolutely brought on by another Tetris playing motorist.  I lost it.  I got out of my car, in the middle of traffic and verbally lost it on the guy who cut me off.  I know I should've just been thankful to be alive, but I had so much pent up I let it rip.

3.  I received ONE bad review in five years from a crazy technology tenant and my boss LOST it on me.  And, I don't mean in a sort of professional, constructive way either.  I mean it was down right crazy and in no way acceptable to have such a freak-out in front of my staff.  I literally looked around at those around me and was like, "huh?"  I have since put no less than an addtional 10 resumes out there (in addition to the dozen I already had making rounds).  I don't care if his puppy died, I'm not going to put up with his shit.

I am hoping next week is better...Seriously, being a grown up sucks.

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