Monday, September 10, 2012


I have been M.I.A. for the last few weeks for a number of reasons.  I am exhausted—and weekends yield zero rest with busy kids and a house to clean. Football season is also in full swing which means my husband is in his own world of crazy. I am in my busy budget season which means early mornings and late nights. On days I have to get in the office early, I need to make sure everything is prep’d because there’s no time to steal on these mornings.  My kids will also get up if they think they hear me jostling around.  It’s usually pitch black downstairs when I leave and I literally grab my bag and walk out the door as to not wake a soul. 

My kids also went back to school last week to really make things interesting.  I now have a 4th, 1st and preschooler in the house.  So far, so good on the school front as long as I can keep shelling out the cash for preschool…ouch!  My little girl made it a whole week without crying, which is a major accomplishment.  It’s amazing what the bribe of a new Dora the Explorer place setting can do to hold the tears back.   They all have great teachers and seem genuinely happy to be there – thank goodness!

My last day of a 3:30am alarm clock last week was unwelcome to say the least this past Friday.  On that morning, I got in the car, turned it on and heard a “DING.”  Seriously, on a morning I really need things to go smooth, I’m out of gas?!  I pulled into the station, desperate to go back to bed.  I placed the pump into the tank receptacle and looked up to see a California Lottery sign.  HOPE.  If I could win just this one time, I could go back to bed and never get up this early again.  I pathetically didn’t have a dollar in my purse, but I did have a handful of change that when all pushed together made a dollar.

This could be it.   I walked into the small store, dropped my change on the counter and asked for a Lotto ticket.  “Sorry, Ma’am.  I can’t sell you that ticket for another hour and a half.”  I just stared at the man. “What?” was all I could muster.  “We can’t sell tickets ‘till 6am, it’s the rules.” I scooped up my change and said “Okay, thanks…” to the man before heading to my life. Am I the only one on the planet that didn’t know the lottery is shut down from 2am – 6am?!?  The lottery gods once again felt it appropriate to mock me.  I think it’s safe to assume, I’m not winning anytime soon.

I began my first round of interviews for a position I am overqualified for, but would really like.  The benefits and perks are off the charts.  The commute is the same, but a new scene would be nice.  I am tired of San Francisco.  The only thing I’m worried about is a few hint words the interviewer dropped like “lax” and “flexible schedule.”  These are all code words to me for “low pay.”  I can stomach a nominal pay cut, but I’ve determined my lowest point and just can’t take anything below that.  For ego’s sake, I would REALLY like to get an offer even if it makes me want to cry if I can’t take it.  My fingers are crossed!

Worst  case scenario is I’ll just continue bouncing between my “Lottery” and “Grass is Greener” fantasy most of you have heard all about, so I won’t explain today.

Here’s to a better week!!